About the Firm


Our firm was founded by Michael LoPinto in the late 1940s. "Mike," as he was widely known, earned a well-deserved reputation as a seasoned litigator who was always fair, reasonable, and unswerving in protecting his clients. Hard-nosed, insightful, and unstinting, Mike came to be recognized throughout the region, particularly for his work in criminal defense and matrimonial cases.

As a law student at Cornell, Ray Schlather clerked for Mr. LoPinto; in 1976, after completing his degree, he joined the firm. Over the next decade, Mike and Ray expanded the firm's reach and scope of practice to include an extensive civil trial practice with four attorneys. Following Mike's death in 1987, Ray was joined by Jim Salk and then-Assemblyman Marty Luster as an "attorney of counsel." Rich Stumbar and David Parks joined the firm in 2007. Between 1987 and 2007, the firm passed through several iterations, growing to its current size and membership. In 2016, Jeffrey Walker became a partner.

In the 70 years since Mike LoPinto first hung out his shingle, we have maintained a commitment to providing high-quality legal service to each of our clients. Though their lives often are set adrift by adversity, our clients have the confidence that we do our best to provide proper direction and support to enable them to move forward.

Further, and unabashedly, we advocate for the rights of privacy, freedom from intrusive government, free speech and ideas, freedom from discrimination, and for fair compensation in redressing wrongs. Those core values infuse our basic firm decisions, our service to clients, and our commitment to the larger community in which we live.

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